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Name: ilana
Age: 13
Location: new york city!!
Sexuality: straight
Interests/hobbies: hmm..reading,writing literature,sports,traveling,hanging out with friends =]
Describe yourself in 5 words: sweet,caring,kind,thoughtful,angelic ;]

Food: pizza, italian food, and mexican! <3
Animal: puppies..they're so sweet!
Bands: maroon 5, black eyed peas, no doubt, blink 182
Movies: dumb & dumber, anything jim carrey =]
Television shows: boy meets world,real world,the assistant,road rules,fresh prince [even though its kinda old i still <3 it]
Song at the moment: maroon 5- she will be loved.

Your opinion on...(pick 4)
well i am against srugs because i have alot of friends who's parents and/or brothers and sisters have been involved in drugs. and the lookon their faces when we would discuss that topic really hurt me..i really hate drugs and its true. drugs destroy dreams.
Alcohol:  i dont really have anything against alcohol. i do however have something against people who don't know how to use alcohol safely. meaning like if they drink some they need to know how to handle and behave themselves. like in a nonabusive sort of manner. and i just think people just need to be careful with alcohol. alot of accidents and deaths arouse from that one liquid. =[
Homosexuality: well for a while i did have something against it..but i don't find it so wrong's just my bestfriend recently found out she was gay and i dont know it sort of freaked me out. but they can't help who they love. it's not they chose who they would want to love. kind of like you dont choose how you look. you just do.
Religion: I think that people shouldn't be punished or judged by what they believe in. i really hate when i see people like not wanting to hang out with people cuz of their religion [even though it rarely happens, but i still see it nowadays] it just hurts me and i think no matter your religion you should be able to talk to others outside of your religion & that it isn't right to base someone upon what they believe in.
Capital punishment: it would depend on your crime. i mean if it was serious yea death is in order. like in china with drugs there's a serious punishment soo..yea i'd agree.
Abortion: well i definetely do disagree with abotion & that's because you're destroying a life that was trying to make it's way out. [lol not that way.] and i mean who knows the tiny person you're getting rid of could've made some world-changing cure. maybe for aids or cancer i mean you never really know. but unless there's some serious reason i mean real serious reason then it would be okay..i guess. but otherwise i disagree with abortion.
Trends: lol, trends go in and out..personally i dont buy into them..unless i like what the trend is all about..then I'd join in..otherwise trends are just a bunch of b/s and a waste of time.
Life: life? what's to say life's a beautiful thing. it's you that changes it or puts it into it's order.

You are stranded on an island, the 4 things you would take would have to be: hmm..cellphone,CD player,clothes[no duh, lol],a laptop [if possible. lol]
Have you ever done drugs? no and not planning to.
Embarrassed yourself? If so, how?  lol in 2nd grade me and my friends were changing in the bathroom for gym and it was winter and we all were wearing then our teacher mrs. countryman came in and starting yelling 'cause we were taking to long. so we were hurrying out and i came out with my gym shirt and my TIGHTS on with no pants omg it was hilarious yet so embarrasing. lmao i'll never forget it.
Cuss a lot? nott really..unless im upset.
How long does it take you to get ready? at least a half-hour
Why do want to join this community? i think i have alot to share with people who join here ;]
Why should we accept you?:  cuz i'm very sweet and once again..i have alot to share
Any final words? i hope i get accepted and if i don't it was nice to be considered =]

Pictures! (at least 3 or more) <--im on the left <--on the right

thats all i have right now. theyre kinda crummy but im getting more as soon as i get to nyc =]
hope to get accepted <333

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