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I'm too sexy for this ;-)

Name: Vanessa
Age: I'll be 19 on August 13th
Location: Alta Loma, CA
Sexuality: straight
Interests/hobbies: I spend time w/my 5 month old son, go out w/friends, talk on my cell phone, go online when Derek goes to sleep.. blah.. I don't really do as much as I used to anymore, but I don't regret it one bit, cuz I love my son w/all my heart
Describe yourself in 5 words: honest, sensitive, nice, fun, & sweet

Color: purple, pink, & blue
Food: omg, I love everything.. from junk food to salads, chicken, sausage, bread, fruits.. omg, I just love food & food loves me :D
Animal: this is my favorite animal~

my brother-in-law's 7 month old American Bulldog named PiNKY

Bands: I have different music tastes, I can listen to rock, rap/hip hop, country, alternative, pop... Blink182, Good Charlotte, Kanye West, Shania Twain, Kylie Minogue.. i think you guys get the idea
Movies: Where the Heart is, Charlie’s Angels (1 & 2), How to lose a Guy in 10 days, Moulin Rouge, Finding Nemo, Princess Diaries, My Big Fat Greek Wedding... I haven't seen "The Notebook" yet, but i really want to see it ~ I'm waiting for my husband to come home from basic training... i'm a really big movie person, I love movies ((I used to work in a movie theatre)) :P
Television shows: That 70's Show, Friends, Family Guy, Futurama
Song at the moment: Freek a Leek by Peetey Pablo ~ that song may be raunchy, but its a good song to dance to

Your opinion on...(pick 4)
Drugs/Alcohol: I used to smoke weed & drink when i was 16/17 when i went to parties, shows, or when I just hung out w/friends.. I'm not into it anymore, though ~ i think its stupid... people know what it does to them, & some of 'em can't control it.. but oh well, that's their choice.. if they choose to fuck up their system, they're doing that to themselves
Homosexuality: Love works in weird ways, & you can't change that... though it's not normal to see 2 girls ((or 2 guys)) making out or having sex, as long as they're happy, then it shouldnt matter to anyone else.. if someones soulmate happens to be someone of the same sex, then just let 'em be.. they're not affecting anyone, so whatever
Capital punishment: I think it should only be done to those who committed, like, an inhumane crime... I think we should look at this sort of as a last resort, cuz killing people in any way, shape or form is just wrong... even if the criminal did something wrong. I think life in prison is already enough punishment for the criminal as it is, cuz they're life from then on would be miserable, & they'd live the rest of their life living in guilt
Abortion: I think its wrong, but it's totally up to the woman to do it to herself. I think if she's not ready to have a baby, or if she just doesn’t want it becuz she was raped or something, then she should get an abortion, cuz then the baby will be born unwanted.. which is sad, cuz she could always put it up for adoption... but like I said.. its the woman's decision, i just don't go preaching about it or anything.. its just up to her, I guess

You are stranded on an island, the 4 things you would take would have to be: a blanket, a pillow, my husband Vince, & some snack foods
Have you ever done drugs? I've just smoked weed, but like I said, I used to only do it when I went out
Embarrassed yourself? If so, how? yes, all the time.. I remember this one time, a few days after I turned 17, I was w/my ex & a couple of friends, & as I was about to walk in through the back door, I tripped on the step, & just as I was about to hit the pavement, he caught me around the waist, but I guess he pulled me up a bit too hard, & ripped a belt loop off my pants... my friends laughed their ass off
Cuss a lot? shit piss fuck cunt cock sucker mother fucker tits fart turd & twat ((Ok, I was j/k ~ that came from Blink-182)) :P but to answer the question, YES i do cuss sometimes, but not as much as I used to

How long does it take you to get ready? I think it depends on what I'm doing or where I'm going.. um... if its just a regular day around the house [since I'm a stay at home mommy] i get up at 8:30 or so [sometimes 7].. take a shower ((if i havent showered the night before)), get dressed, usually in shorts & a tank top, brush my hair, & tie it back in a ponytail, then I rush to make Derek's milk... as for makeup, I don't wear it unless I go out, but if I'm at home, i'll just wear chapstick, & pinch my cheeks for some color.. thats it.. I prefer the natural look
Why do want to join this community? I just want to see what everyone else thinks about me.. I've been accepted at xoxo_prettygirl so I hope I can get accepted here :)
Why should we accept you?: cuz I'm one cool chick who likes to give an opinion whenever she can.. & I'm just a friendly, outgoing person who also has a sensitive side... & I love putting a smile on anyone's face.. it just makes my day :D

Any final words? I hope you guys like me, & if not, it's all good ~ at least I tried... Thanks for reading my application! :)


here's me back in June.. not a very good one, but oh well.. you asked for a pic :P

my son, Derek, & I

here's a better close-up of him:

this is the only recent pic of my husband & I, since he's gone to the military :(

Again, thanks for reading my application, & looking at my pics, even though they're not that great :P Take Care, everyone ~ Have a great day ((or night depending on when you read this)) :D
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