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im to sexy for this!


Sexuality:i like boys =P
Interests/hobbies:cheerleading, gymnastics, softball, livejournal, hanging with my friends, scrapbooking...
Describe yourself in 5 words:i am one cool cat =)

Animal:i love horses!
Bands:um, hoobastank, yellowcard, usher, ashlee simpson (i just got her cd!), i like a little of everything
Movies:bring it on, thirteen, honey, 16 candles
Television shows:7th heaven, summerland, trading spaces...
Song at the moment:autobiography--ashlee simpson

Your opinion on...(pick 4)
Drugs:drugs are a horriable thing. thats all there is to say
Homosexuality:as everyone says, love is love.
Capital punishment:
Abortion: i am completly pro-choice. no man should be able to tell a woman what she can and cant do with her body.
Trends: i am one to follow trends, but put a little of me into it.

You are stranded on an island, the 4 things you would take would have to be: my best friend, my mom, a lifetime supply of food & water, and a boat.
Have you ever done drugs? no, and i never will
Embarrassed yourself? If so, how?haha, always! one time, a bunch of us went to the movies, and me and my friend went to the bathroom. on the way back, i was walking up the stairs, and i freaken tripped. yes, i was going UP, the stairs.
Cuss a lot?only when i am pissed
How long does it take you to get ready?depends where im going. if im showered, 20 mins for school. if im like going to the movies, maybe 30 mins.
Why do want to join this community?because the lovely kristen runs it!
Why should we accept you?:because im am just to sexy for you!
Any final words?im to sexy for this application!


the right
the left

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